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AVATAR OC Downtime Project

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 5, 2014, 7:59 PM
So, my best friend and roleplay partner KaiyaAquamarine is doing a thing where she's going to try and draw all of her OC's from our roleplay that has been officially running since New Years Day of 2010, at 2am to be precise XD. Now, the two of us have about 50-60 characters each, and those are only the ones that are existent in this version of the roleplay, of which we are currently on our 4th. Some characters, that below will be marked with an * existed before the roleplay from my fanfictions and evolved as time went on.

Info about project:

> All will be traditionally drawn reference/Character sheets.
> Over 50+ OCs of mine I will draw. 
> Will be done in downtime when I can. Please don't expect any until Late October - mid November. I am in my senior year of college and have very little downtime.
> No Deadline; since this will be done in my downtime
> If you have any questions. Please ask. I don't bite. Just nibble a little. 
> Do not use any of my characters without my permission. I worked very hard to take the time to evolve these    characters.


[Title] OCs Name - [Father x Mother]
     > [Title] = Highest title the Public knows them as - If there is none this wont be present
     > [Father x Mother] = Blood parents. Not who rose them. Unknown = Character doesn't know

Takeo * - [Yochang x Kyana] >Takeo
Miki * - [Takeo x Toph] >Miki Beifong
Shoichi - [Takeo x Azula]
[Head Air Nomad] Wei - [Zhuizo x Miki]
Visaya - [Zhuizo x Miki]
Wan - [Unknown x Unknown]
Rava - [Zhuizo x Miki]
Aero - Wei x Ya Ling

Rien * - [Takeo x Toph] >Rien Beifong
Lin - [Xarien x Toph] >Lin Beifong 
Lu Ten - [Rien x Ursa]
Jinza - [Rien x Ursa]
[Head Senator] Jade - [Xarien x Toph] [need to post]
[Police Chief] Dev - [Xarien x Toph] [need to post]
[Avatar] Cyrain - [Xien x Lin] [need to post] 
[Police Chief/Captain] Tora - [Xairen x Toph] >Cheif Tora Beifong
Syun - [Lu ten x Crystal]
Tai - [Xairen x Toph]
Marina - [Zio x Jinza]
Gen - [Xarien x Toph]
Johanna - [Xarien x Toph]
Nila - [Broden x Tora]
Jasmine - [Unknown x Jade]
Cari - [Bryke x Dev]
Kuruk - [Cyrain x Ayla]

[Lord] Zhu - [Unknown x Unknown] [need to post]
Rae - [Lord Zhu x Katara] >Rae
Mouk - [Zhuizo x Miki]
Zuko Jr. - [Zuko x Kaiya]
[Lord] Jee - [Lord Zhu x Lin] [need to post]
[Head Yuyan Archer] Katniss - [Zin x Lin]
Sorin - [Unknown x Unknown]
Saphira - [Unknown x Jade]
Rorin - [Ryion x Katniss]
Vinto - [Zio x Jinza] >Vinto
Khor - [Zhuizo x Miki]
Xavier - [Xien x Lin]
Kenji - [Mouk x Pema]
Rubia - [Azulon x Saphira]

Vin - [Unknown x Unknown]
[Professor] Ragni - [Xarien x Toph] >Ragni
Haji - [Xairen x Toph]
Rishi - [Xairen x Toph] [need to post]
Xing Hon -[Lontin x Xamira] >Xing Hon 
Kron - [Xairen x Toph]
Zam - [Vin x Adah]
Kouji - [Ragni x Kezia]
Chi - [Xairen x Toph]
Nai - [Unknown x Unknown]

[Fire Lady] Lanfan - [Xairen x Toph] [need to post]
Riea - [Bryke x Dev]
Jinora - [Konon x Lena]
[Princess] Yori - [Ozaro x Lanfan]

Completed Pages 
Rien Beifong - ATLA OC by theblindbandit1   Miki Beifong - ATLA OC by theblindbandit1    Vinto Beifong OC by theblindbandit1   Rae ATLA/LOK OC by theblindbandit1
Xing Hon Avatar OC by theblindbandit1  Cheif Tora Beifong ATLA/LOK OC by theblindbandit1    Lin Beifong ATLA/LOK OC by theblindbandit1    Takeo ATLA OC by theblindbandit1
Ragni Beifong Avatar OC by theblindbandit1

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